Special Programs

(1) Fuji-Q Highland Party Pack (January)

What is your vacation plan for January? Going ski? Strawberry picking? Well, if you’re not really serious skiers or somewhat bored for strawberry things, let’s go Fuji-Q for a day-party with our premium black van.

As you see Fuji-Q web, you can scream, bring your children to Thomas Land, ice-skating, and view Mt. Fuji, etc.

That’s nice, but how much? Your Black Car Service is always expensive, Z, we hear that often. Well, yes, our service is not cheap, we admit that, so we are going to set a truly competitive rate at this time:

  • Alphard: 123,300 + Toll 7,000 (Round trip 10 Hours) is now 85,000 Yen + Toll (7,000) Round-trip 10 Hours (Day-trip rate)
  • Hiace: 163,000 + Toll 7,000 (Round trip 10 Hours)is now 100,000 Yen + Toll (7,000) Round-trip 10 Hours (Day-trip rate)

Alphard can take 5 pax, so it is 19,000 Yen per person, and High-ace is 12,000 Yen per person (if party of 9)! Isn’t it competitive rate ever we offer. I truly believe it is! (All cost you spend in Fuji-Q isn’t included.)

We will also allow you to bring some light alcohol beverages because it’s a party! (Non-alcohol beverages will be provided)

How to order

Please send email to sales@tac-z.com with your TAC ID, name, pax and date.

(2) Ski Tour

You can always go skiing by your own car if your car is fully equipped and you have good experience on snow driving. It’s really better to have your own there, and it is convenient.

However, if you’re not sure about snow driving in Japan, hire our Hiace. We have many options to assist, pick-up & drop in one way or round trip, daily rate, etc. As always, we can offer you a competitive discount rate. Please send email to sales@tac-z.com with your TAC ID. We can just give you free advice if you go there by yourselves.

(3) Pottery Workshop (All Time)

Visiting a Mashiko potter and make your own. (http://komine-gama.com/

We’ll also visit Shoji Hamada Memorial Mashiko Sankokan Museum to learn how the Japanese workmanship on crafts have been developed.

Shoji Hamada was one of the leading potters in modern Japan. Born in 1894 in Kawasaki, he aspired to become a ceramist during the prefectural middle ages of Tokyo. After that, he went on to the ceramics department of Tokyo Higher Industrial School, where he met Kanjiro Kawai, a senior in the second grade, and became a lifelong friend. He traveled to England with Bernard Leach in 1920 and started his career as a potter in England. Shoji Hamada, returned to Japan in 1923, wanted to live in the countryside he knew in England, and moved to Mashiko in Tochigi Prefecture the following year. Established Mingei, a folk art movement with Soetsu Yanagi and Kanjiro Kawai, and worked to popularize it, while establishing a creative style for individual artists’ works with old folk art pottery as a motif. In 1955, he was certified as the first holder of important intangible cultural assets (living national treasure) along with Kenkichi Tomimoto and Toyozora Arakawa, and in 1968, he received the Order of Culture, the third person as a potter.


9:30Pick-up from your home
12:00Lunch in Mashiko (most likely Japanese style, around 2,000 Yen per capita)
13:00Shoji Hamada Memorial Mashiko Sankokan Museum
14:00Pottery Workshop (2 hours, 1,650 yen for workshop + options around 2,500 yen per person)
17:30Back to Tokyo
280km / 8 hours


  • Regular Price: 153,150 Yen (Alphard) / 188,000 Yen (Hiace for two-three family)
  • Special Offer: 75,000 + Tall (per Alphard) / 98,000 Yen + Toll (per Hiace)
  • Going by your own car but with a bilingual guide: ask for estimates
  • Going by your own car (or rent-a-car): Free (Pay your own)


  • Price includes car, driver, and gas. Toll is not included.
  • Arrangement for lunch and pottery workshop are included, however, lunch cost and tuition for workshop are not included. You will pay at the locations.

How to order

Please send email to sales@tac-z.com with your TAC ID.

Service Provider

Z, Ltd. https://z-mobility.co.jp/ is under a special contract with Tokyo American Club.