Be aware to set the right pick-up time

After your plane lands, it will take some time to get out terminal and meet your chauffeur / driver especially in high-seasons like now. Sometimes, some customers set their pick-up time the same as arrival time, and take hours to go through immigration and custom, and get charged lots of waiting time fees.

“Hey, isn’t Japan the country of omotenashi? You should read between the lines. Obviously, how could I show up to the pick up point in a second?” Yap, we hear that often. But how do we know that? You might really come out the terminal using diplomatic powers, or you may be the pilot of the plane. Priority customers also come out faster. However, chauffeur / driver knows only your name, where you’re going, and # of pax. So if you say the pick up time is, for example, 16:00PM, we start to wait at 15:50PM, and you will be charged waiting time fees from 16:31 (if plane lates, 17:01).

So, it is your own responsibility to set the right pick-up time for your own situation.

In general, it is about one hour later of landing time to come out terminal in both Haneda and Narita Airports (international arrival only). And the following causes make it earlier or late (Calculation base: 60 mins)

  • Passport: Diplomat passport: -20mins / Permanent residency: -10 mins
  • Seat Class: Priority: -10 mins
  • Big family: With baby: + 15 mins / with children: + 5 mins
  • Luggage: No suitcase: -10 mins / Less suitcases: -5 mins / lots: +10 mins / with ski or bicycle: +20 mins
  • Peak Time Arrival: Morning arrival in Haneda: + 20 mins / Evening arrival in Narita: + 25 mins
  • Others:
    • Getting sim: +5 mins
    • Getting coffee: + 5 mins
    • Smoking: +10 mins

So, if you are a businessperson, coming back from NYC to Narita in the evening in JST, in business class seat, no suitcases and a smoker, it will be: 60-10 (Priority seat)-10 (No suitcase) + 25 (Peak time Narita) + 10 (Smoking) = 75 mins after arrival time. So if the arrival time is 16:00 PM, pick-up time should be 17:15 PM. Since you have 30 mins free waiting time, there will be no charge if you show up to the pick-up point by 17:45 PM.

What if the plane delayed? In that case since you have 60 mins free waiting time, there will be no charge if you show up to the pick-up point by 19:15 PM. If the plane is really truly unbelievably late, please text / mail or call Member Service, so that we can change the pick-up time accordingly. Likewise when you miss your flight.

What if the plane arrives early? In this case please call your chauffeur / driver directly to fix up the situation. His / her phone number is on the confirmation mail. It depends when, but s/he may require additional toll.

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