Hourly Service

Reasonable Hourly Service (Free Milage / Member Rates)

Regular hourly rate is 13,000 Yen per hour but we offer the same vehicle with English speaking chauffeur at 10,000 Yen per hour (or less) only for Tokyo American Club members.

Business Class Mini-Van (Alphard)Business Class Van & Coach
Two (2) Hours Minimum(10,000 per hour)
20,000 Yen
(14,500 per hour)
29,000 Yen
Up to 8 hours10,000 Yen per hour13,000 Yen per hour
Up to 12 hours9,800 Yen per hour12,500 Yen per hour
More than 13 hours9,500 Yen per hour12,000 Yen per hour
1 Day Reservation165,000 Yen per day175,000 Yen per day
  • Prices include sales tax
  • Parking and toll will be added
  • Rate is applied to actual time used. Even if you reserve 13 hours, if it ends in 6 hours, up-to-8-hour rate will be applied.
  • All rates come with free miles but only applied to stopovers within Tokyo Prefecture.
  • As for cancellation, even if you cancel it after free cancellation period, you will be charged only the minimum two hours fare.

This rate can be applied to non-business hourly service as well.

Please place an order at least 24 hours before starting time (48 hours for Van & Coach / Hiace). Otherwise, Express Dispatching Charge (up to 3,000 Yen) will be applied.

English speaking chauffeur is not guaranteed if the reservation is made less than 72 hours prior to the starting time.

This rate is NOT applicable to airport transfers.

Reservations can be made from the same form on the top page.