Economy Class Minivan (Alphard Taxi)

We would begin offering club account chargeable taxi service to the Premium Airport Shuttle for Tokyo American Club from August 1, 2023. This class vehicle will be added as a casual solution for daily use including transfers to Haneda Airport.

As you see the photo above, it is identically the same as Business class Minivan. The interior is, however, the taxi level standard. The followings are the list of difference between Economy Class Minivan and Business Class Minivan:

Economy Class MinivanBusiness Class Minivan
ReservationPossible, but you don’t know driver’s name and car # until it comesPossible and you know driver’s name and car # at the time of reservation is booked
Fare (Estimate)Some fixed fare but mostly by taxi meterMostly fixed at the time of booking
Minimum5,800 Yen + Pickup fee of 420 Yen9,000 Yen + Pickup fee of 500 Yen
PaymentClub Account ChargeClub Account Charge
EnglishDestination checking levelFluent
Midnight SurchargeYESNO
Max Capacity5 Pax + 4 suitcases5 Pax + 4 suitcases
DistanceInside Tokyo only (no Narita)Anywhere you want
GuaranteeIt may be cancelled by operators100 % Guaranteed
Free waiting Time5 minutes30 minutes
OperatorJapan Premium (Group company)Z Mobility

Please understand the differences and make the right choice for your own need.