Early departure recommended if you go to Haneda Airport

For two weeks from May 27th (Sat) to June 10th (Sat) 2023, the Shutoko Expressway No. 1 Haneda Line will be closed all day. The authorities anticipate heavy traffic jam for overflown traffics in the nearby area such as Wangan Expressway. (Details are here: https://www.shutoko.jp/ss/daishibashi/)

We strongly recommend to make very early departure if you are going to Haneda Airport all terminals during the time period. Some analysts anticipate it may take three times more time from the central Tokyo area to the airport.

We’re not going to charge any extra fare for this, but please be noted that we don’t guarantee in-time arrival during the time period. It would be safe to switch to a Narita flight or use public transportations such as train and monorail.

If you have any questions on this matter, please mail us at sales@tac-z.com. Thank you

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