1. What time should I depart my home to check in at a airport?
    • If it is an international flight, airlines usually ask at least two hours prior of departing time. If your seat is priority class (more than business class), you may delay 30 – 60 minutes less than economy class check in (because a line to check in is short). If your flight is domestic, 45 to 70 mins before flight departure is enough. From the most central area of Tokyo, it will take 20 – 30 mins to Haneda Airport and 50 to 70 mins to Narita Airport.
  2. What time should I set my pickup time when I arrive to an airport?
    • 60 mins after arrival time would be ideal, but it depends on many personal reasons. Please read this article if you’re interested in details.
  3. What is the first thing to do when my plane is landed?
    • Please turn on your phone. Chauffeur would try to contact you by phone or text. You may have gotten a new chauffeur and a vehicle while you ‘re flying. Check all the mail from us (sales@tac-z.com) and check SMS. If your phone number is not Japanese, WhatsAPP installation is very appreciated.
  4. What happens if I am running late to the pickup time I set?
    • If your flight delays by natural causes or airline responsible causes, you have 60 mins free waiting time. If you are late by the other causes, you still have 30 mins free waiting time. If you’re late beyond those free waiting time, there will be extra charges at every 30 minutes as following: 3000 Yen for Business class sedan, 3500 Yen for Business class minivan and 5000 Yen for all other classes.
  5. I took a taxi at the airport by mistake. Do I still owe you?
    • Yes, you do. It is the same as no show cancellation and you must pay the full amount except toll.
  6. I’m lost. I don’t know how to meet my chauffeur.
    • Look up our homepage at https://www.tac-z.com/?page_id=303 We have detailed maps and instructions to the pickup points at all terminals of Haneda Airport and Narita Airport. If you’re still unable to find your car, calm down and call your chauffeur. Chauffeur’s phone # is on the order confirmation or Notice of changes mail you have received. If you are unable to reach your chauffeur, please call Member Services of Tokyo American Club at +81-3-4588-0381. And Good Luck.
  7. My flight is in delay. What should I do?
    • Contact your chauffeur. Chauffeur’s phone # is on the order confirmation or Notice of changes mail you have received. Once you get him/her, set a new time with him/her. If you cannot get hold of the assigned chauffeur, contact Member Services of Tokyo American Club at +81-3-4588-0381 and set a new time. If your flight is extremely (more than 3 hours) delayed, contact Member Services directly.
  8. My flight is cancelled. What should I do?
    • Please contact Member Services of Tokyo American Club at +81-3-4588-0381 to set a new pickup time or cancel the ride booking.
  9. Is there any wheel chair support provided at airports by a chauffeur?
    • No, but airports do. Please ask your airline to get the support service. Airlines will support you for both departures and arrivals.
  10. Is there any gate meet service provided by chauffeurs?
    • Yes, there is for all international arrivals at an extra cost (4,000 Yen optional.) However, there is no meet service for all domestic terminals. Also, we may decline chauffeur meet requests when airports are crowded for parking reasons. In such case you can ask a third party meet service at both airports at an extra cost of 6,500 Yen. Please ask your sales contact for more details.
  11. Can my chauffeur wait extra minutes if I need to get my WiFi and / or Suica cards?
    • Yes, but your free waiting time is 30 mins (60 mins if flight delays). For any reasons, if your departure time extended after the free 30 mins, even if it is one second, you’ll be charged for extra waiting time.
  12. I reserved my pickup ride on a wrong day and realized it when the booked day and time passed. Do I still need to pay?
    • Yes, you do. You must pay not just booked fare, but also waiting charge until Tokyo American Club confirms “No Show.” The Club usually confirm no show one to two hours after booked date and time. Extra waiting time fares are 3000 Yen for Business class sedan, 3500 Yen for Business class minivan and 5000 Yen for all other classes. To avoid such misfortune, please read Confirmation of Order very carefully. Date and time on the confirmation is always in Japan Standard Time.
  13. The ride I took was not good enough as I expected. I would like a refund.
    • We are sorry if you are not happy with our service. However, you cannot get refund especially after you took the ride. Our service is, in principle, to get you A – B transferred. Of course we do more than that, but we don’t give you any refund after the ride even if you are not happy about it as long as you get to your destination.


  1. I’m not sure which class vehicle is suited for my trip.
    • If your party is within 4 pax with up to 5 pcs of luggage, select Business class minivan.
    • If your party is within 5 pax with up to 6 pcs of luggage, select Business class van.
    • If your party is within 9 pax with up to 15 pcs of luggage, select Business class coach.
    • If your party is more than above, order more than 2 cars.
    • If you care about environment, select First class sedan.
    • If you care about cost, select economy class minivan taxi (same capacity as Business class minivan)
  2. Can I book a car I need it within one hour?
    • No. It is too short notice, however if we have two hours, we can dispatch. In that case you need to pay some extras such as express dispatch fee.
  3. What is express dispatch?
    • Express dispatch is an extra fee to all Haneda Airport and A-B transfer reservations that is ordered within 24 hours prior of departure time. (24 hours: 1,000 Yen / 12 hours: 2,000 Yen) When you place an order using the express dispatch, you cannot get free cancellation even if it was a mistake.
  4. Why do you need my mobile phone number?
    • Your chauffeur needs your number to meet you. Please turn on your phone immediately after landing.
  5. Can I make a reservation for my family and friends?
    • Yes you can but from the web only if the passenger is your friend. You cannot make reservations for your friend through Member Services. Please make such reservations from this homepage.
  6. I want to go Mt. Fuji and other scenery spots. Should I ask A-B transfer or hourly service?
    • Hourly service is more reasonable because our hourly service comes with free milage. A-B transfer service is one way service and the fare is determined by kilo meters you ride.
  7. Too many blank forms to fill. Is there any easier way to book?
    • You can place an order through Member Services at 03-4588-0381 or at the Member Service counter.


  1. Do I need to sign something when I choose “Club account charge?”
    • No, you may just get off the car.
  2. Can I get a receipt when I get off?
    • If you pay by credit card, yes, you can. However, if you pay by “Club Account Charge,” no, you must request a receipt to Member Services.
  3. When should I pay if I chose credit card payment?
    • You may pay the total amount at the end of the ride.
  4. Could I give a tip to chauffeurs?
    • It is not allowed based on Tokyo American Club rules. But …


  1. In hourly service, and waiting time count in airport transfers, how do you count 1 minute extension?
    • Technically, even one minute is counted as one hour. However, it depends on chauffeur.
  2. I forgot something in the car I used. How can I get it back?
    • We usually check cabins and trunk right after you get off, but still there are something left. In that case, you may call your chauffeur and ask her/him to check and bring it back. In all other cases, please call Member Services for instructions. Our chauffeurs will bring items and if they cannot get through your phone, they will bring those items to Member Services.
  3. I want to change my pickup time later today. Who should I call?
    • Please call your chauffeur directly if it is within 6 hours. If more than 6 hours, please call Member Services.