Emission-type Ion Cluster

Our vehicles are equipped with a emission type ion cluster generator (not all cars). The emission type is a device that uses plasma technology to generate ion clusters and purifies the indoor air. Unlike the suction type, it is an ion cluster generator with few (almost no) omissions. A suction-type air purifier can remove dust and airborne bacteria with a large particle size, but VOCs and viruses with a small particle size cannot be removed because they pass through the filter.

This ion cluster generator is also used in the ambulance of the Tokyo Fire Department emergency.


At Heisei Hire, sterilization and disinfection by UVC irradiation inside the vehicle is performed for 10 minutes for each vehicle as the end of the car wash procedure when returning to the garage.

Trained Chauffeurs

Chauffeurs always wear masks during the ride, and in order to keep the internal environment clean, emphasis is placed on reclining seat levers and buttons, armrests, door handles and handrails that customers often touch during their rides.