Pricing Mechanism

All public transportation companies in Japan offer services under their own prices approved by the government, and such companies are approved operations under the business licenses. Our license number is: 関自旅二第3244号

Our approved prices are pretty much the same as other black car services in Japan, based on hourly rates: 8,250 Yen per hour (Business class Mini-van).

Our offers for Tokyo American Club are basically 10 to 25% off: Little bit higher than Uber Black but very much cheaper than Blacklane. As for the rate to / from Haneda, it is 40 – 50% off based on where to / from.

Late arrival charge: Time is money. If customer is late to show up to pick-up point by reserved time and date, in all airport transfers, first 30 minutes are no extra charge, however, there will be extra charges at every 30 minutes as following: 2500 Yen for Business class sedan, 3000 Yen for Business class Van and 5000 Yen for all other classes. If it is caused by flight delays, first one hour is free, but the same extra charge rules will be applied. As for early arrivals, counting will start at actual arrival time. If it is not airport transfers, extra charges for delay will be as follows: 3000 Yen for Business Class Sedan, 3750 for Business class Van, and 5500 for all others.