Reasons why we’re working for Tokyo American Club

While most other chauffeuring companies in Tokyo aim to work with big hotel chains and travel agencies especially in the period of COVID19, we’ve worked so hard to get partnership with Tokyo American Club. There are many reasons for that.

First of all, we have the same cultural background. We have the common attitude to intercultural or international ideas. Our company has been a big local partner of Uber Black and Blacklane, and been growing with them to expand opportunities in in-bound business. So we have lots of bilingual chauffeurs and have developed our own philosophy in chauffeur-ship to chauffer “foreign” people in the city. We have learned what we should do to make our foreign customers very happy during their rides with us. On the other hand, Tokyo American Club managers, especially the people in Member Services, have been making great efforts to assist international-minded members for a long time. We admire their mind and believe we have the same mind. So we think we can assist.

We also value very highly of membership system and scales of the Club. As I mentioned earlier, we have been growing in the industry by being a big partner of Uber. Uber has not just a big brand, but a great wallet system. Tokyo American Club membership service is a potential wallet system even though there is no client software. It’s somewhat analog, but it has an authentication system, a collection system, and a customer care system as a business practice. Those are requirements for chauffeuring business, and are good enough only if the Club authenticate members.

After the COVID19 hit our business, we were forced to realize that we don’t have our own brand and self-owned customer base. We really depended on Uber. As Uber business shrank, we downsized. Blacklane, almost ceased. We struggled to have our own, but nothing was successful. Honestly, we have thought about discontinuance of business many times. Before the COVID19, we have been able to earn $1,000 a day per car in average, but it went down to $200 a day after corona. It has been recovered to $600 now, but still not enough to employ talented bilingual chauffeurs. Consequently, we need to keep up the partnership with the Club.

I would really appreciate Tokyo American Club agreed with our partnership. It’s been a great Honor to work for the Club, and truly appreciate the opportunity to serve the Club members. I always make more efforts to make the partnership lasts forever.

Tsutomu Mori, Service Manager, Z-Mobility

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